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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hikmah of Hejaab

This is a translation of the Video titled Hikmah of Hejaab by the great late scholar Muhamad motawli alsharawi :

He said:
Insurance is taking something form someone and give it back to him or her when they need it, Allah almighty ordered women to wear Hijab for their own benefit,

He said I will give an example to prove it,

Look at your child (which you see every day) or your nephew,
Now tell me have you noticed him or her growing up? Most parents will tell people that to them their children never grow up.  They are still children to us, why is that? Haven’t the children grow up?

No they did, and they will notice it only if they didn’t see them for around two months or so, only then they will notice it and they will say
, wow you have gotten taller,
 Now the fact is these children have always been growing up, only slowly, too slow that it got lost in the time parting, they always have been growing up.
 Now think about this,
 you are getting married, so you see your young bride , so young and beautiful, you will look at her on the first day, the second day, the third day and nothing has changed , even for the first few years and yet, nothing has changed in her look. One day you are walking in the street and while that,
 You spotted a young woman (not your wife) and you did not lower your gaze,
 You sow her wearing no hijab, exposing parts of her body and chest, then you go home to your wife and you look at her,
She does not look the same anymore
, your subconscious mind is already doing a comparison, you look at your wife and you only see a woman who has given birth more than a one time and because of that her body has changed, maybe gain weight due to giving birth, she has exhausted herself for you and your children, she has grown up being a good wife to you,
But, you will not like that,

 This is how problems men get too angry in arises because of something so silly,
Like dinner is late and he is too furious to be understood,
He is not angry because of a mere dinner
 Or we are late or something like that, that is the sorry subconscious mind, only because he did not lower his gaze he cannot see his wife the same way again,
And that girl did not wear her scarf.
Allah made all these ruling for us to prosper and live happily and properly, not to oppress us men or oppress women
So let’s really get Islamic and stop domestic abuse.

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