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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sacred Wisdom of Eating Pork

History of Pigs tragedy Borne Diseases

In 1918 the influenza virus has killed more than 20 million people around the world. And some estimate that more than 40 million are the victims. Among the reasons, when the study is that germs are actually coming from pigs in the United States, which infect the American troops in World War I. And these forces lead to the epidemic over the place in various countries around the world.

It is said the number of deaths occurred within a short time and then the disease is one of the fatal disease that is large enough compared to other modern epidemics at the time. And having made a detailed study, it appears the cause of this outbreak is the virus that comes from pigs.
(Source: The Civil Aboliotionist, New Pig Virus Infecting Human capable of, New York, 1998)

In 1957 an epidemic known as Asian flu and the plague that attacked Hong Kong in 1968 was likely caused by the animal, before it can infect pigs. In pigs, the virus mutate into a form more dangerous, before it spreads to humans. These epidemics claimed the lives of more than 2 million people.
(Source: Sun March 26, 2000, The 1918 flu pandemic: What Have We Learned From This? Pg 1)

Virus Can Change In true form of a More Dangerous In Pig?

The answer to this question has been answered by Alex Fano, the author of a famous book Lethal Laws - Animal Testing, Human Health and Environmental Policy. He is also the Director of Medical Research Modernisation Committee. In the book, he was confirmed, the germs of a pig virus could change and become more dangerous or mutations, from time to time.

While in the vicinity in the 50's, we were shocked by Trichina worms from pigs that causes the disease Trichinusis. There is no medicine that can cure it at the time. And therefore, a warning has been issued in the United States about the dangers of eating pork. Warnings were issued in the Washington Post dated May 31, 1952 and issued by Dr. Glen Shepard.
(Source: Washington Post, May 31, 1952)

Viruses from Pigs

Apparently the warning issued from the word of God has come to grateful by those who believe and obey the laws. Various studies began to be made ??in more detail.

Journal of Virology in 1997, reported a study conducted by the 12 scientists led by Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka, of the University of Wisconsin. Meeting clearly shows, the pigs throat are certain cells that could change the shape of a variety of viruses that are dangerous to humans. Scientists consider pigs as mixing vessels or 'place of many germs gathered to change the shape of a dangerous'.
(Source: The Detroit News, Scientists Discover the Infection Route Between Viruses and Pigs Bird, Robert Cooke, Oct. 20.1997)

BBC News in hand, on October 29, 1999, scientists have focused on the discovery of the show, pig viruses as the causes of the plague of the worst in the history of the modern medical world in 1918. Scientists found that the plague that attacked Hong Kong in 1968 also resulted from the swine virus.

According to the study also, the animal viruses that infect humans are usually turned into a dangerous bacteria that infect humans, after entering the cells in the pig. These findings provide answers to the cause of mampi four colds, flu epidemics which attack and kill millions of people in the 20th century.

These diseases attack began with Spanish flu in 1918, followed by Asian flu in 1957 and the Hong Kong flu in 1968 and the Russian flu in 1977. Studies by scientists showed these killer germs produced by pigs before infecting humans worldwide, especially in 1918.
(Source: Centers For Disease Control & Prevention, traditional medicine, USA, 2000)

- Article iluvislam.com

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