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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Worship to Allah is a complete way of life.

The word worship/ ibadah are very complex in meaning but here I would like to emphasize on this meaning, “everything’s you do for the sake of Allah is a form of worship.”  From this point, we say that once Muslim are worshiping Allah very sincerely, then his/ her life will guaranteed to be full of happiness. So what makes life happy? Physically, people feel happy once they able to fulfill their needs in this world in a very simple way, for example, your daily consumption. So, nothing guaranteed to this condition unless we worship Allah in all manner, because Islam is more than a religion, it complete way of life. Nothing is too small or too big to be covered by teaching of Islam. Rejoice and be happy, we must remain positive and be at peace. This Islam teaches us through Quran and teaching of our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) every single one of God’s commandments aims to bring happiness to the individual. This applies in all aspects of life, worship, economics, and society.

“Whoever works righteousness - whether male or female - while he (or she) is a true believer verily, to him we will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e.  Paradise in the Hereafter)” (An-Nahl 16: 97)

The key to happiness are know and worshipping God. When one worships and remembers the Creator as He should be worshipped and remembered, happiness can be observed all around us, at any given moment and even on the darkest night. It is there in the smile of a child, in the touch of a comforting hand, in the rain on parched earth, or in the smell of spring. These things can make our hearts truly happy because they are manifestations of God’s mercy and love. Happiness can be found in worship.

To find true happiness we must seek to know God, especially through His names and attributes. Seeking beneficial knowledge brings happiness. The angels flutter their wings and keep records of those who seek knowledge; the mere thought of this brings a smile of happiness to the face of a believer. Our righteous predecessors understood the inherent happiness and joy to be found in striving to be close to God.
Outstanding Islamic scholar, Ibn Taymiyyah, once said: “I once became ill and the physician told me that reading and giving talks on knowledge would only exacerbate my condition. I told him that I could not abandon these pursuits. I asked him whether the body becomes stronger and sickness is repelled if the soul feels happy and joyful. He replied in the affirmative, so I said my soul finds joy, comfort and strength in knowledge”.

Perfect happiness will only be available to us if we spend life everlasting in Paradise. It is only there that we will find total peace, tranquillity and security. It is only there that we will be free of the fear, anxiety and pain that are part of the human condition. However the guidelines provided by Islam allow us, imperfect humans, to seek happiness in this world. The key to being happy in this world and the next is seeking the pleasure of God, and worshipping Him, without associating partners with Him.

Through worshiping Allah, it will lead better economics condition and societal development; because once people are Islamized then there will be no corruption taking place in this world because leaders have fear to violate the Allah guidelines. We can see nowadays in many part of the world are facing economics down-grading, mainly because a person who are leading the world is no fear to Allah and never consulting Allah in their daily life. The some results of this, the fighting are taking place anywhere. So, if leaders its follower have a strong connection to Allah then the people have peacefully doing thing to improve their social life and there will be free flow of conducting business activities that lead to improvement of economics condition.

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