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Friday, May 21, 2010

Keyboard control over A to Z

CONTROL OVER A TO Z (for windows and its program)

One of the keys whose importance may have gone unnoticed by most of us is the Control key (Ctrl).

The Control key in combination with the 26 alphabet keys can make a lot of our work easier than we think.
The following pair of keys can come in handy when we want tasks faster than while using the mouse.

Operations that can be performed on the text selected:-

1. CTRL+ A Select all

2. CTRL+ B Bold

3. CTRL+ C Copy

4. CTRL+ E Justify center

5. CTRL+ I Italics

6. CTRL+ J Justify full

7. CTRL+ L Justify Left

8. CTRL+ M Indent

9. CTRL+ Q Remove paragraph Formatting

10. CTRL+ R Justify right

11. CTRL+ T Margin release

12. CTRL+ U Underline

These keys combos can be used to do other operations:-

13. CTRL+ D Opens Font Dialog Box

14. CTRL+ F Find

15. CTRL+ G Go to page, section, line, heading etc

16. CTRL+ H Find and replace

17. CTRL+ K Insert Hyperlink

18. CTRL+ N Open a new document

19. CTRL+ O Open an existing document

20. CTRL+ S Save

21. CTRL+ W Close an existing document

22. CTRL+ Y Redo

23. CTRL+ Z Undo

Besides the alphabet keys, a combination of other keys also helps:-

24. CTRL+ LEFT ARROW Jumps one word left

25. CTRL+ RIGHT ARROW Jumps one word right

26. CTRL+ DOWN ARROW Jumps one para down

27. CTRL+ UP ARROW Jumps one para up

28. CTRL+ BACKSPACE Delete one word left

29. CTRL+ DELETE Delete one word right

30. CTRL+ PAGE UP To the beginning of the previous page

31. CTRL+ PAGE DOWN to the beginning of the next page

32. CTRL+ P Print Dialog box

33. CTRL+ A Highlight all the items in window

34. CTRL+ C Copy

35. CTRL+ X Cut

36. CTRL+ V Paste

37. CTRL+ Z Undo

38. CTRL+ Y Redo

39. CTRL+ ESC open start menu, use the arrow keys to select an item, or TAB to select the taskbar

40. ALT+ TAB Return to previous program, or hold down the ALT key while repeatedly pressing tab to cycle through open programs

41. SHIFT+ DEL delete items permanently without sending to recycle bin.

42. F1 Help

2. F2 Rename an item

3. F3 Open files

4. ALT+F4 Close window or quit program

5. F10 Activate the menu bar in a program

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